Streetlights (Full Mixtape)

by Baykkid

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released June 6, 2014



all rights reserved


Baykkid New Zealand

Baykkid. He was born in Tampa Bay, FL and moved to Castor Bay, NZ.
He produces psychedelic, jazz and hip hop influenced music and he spends his spare time either surfing, skating, or making music.
He likes creative people and hopes to abolish fear.
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Track Name: center of attention
i kinda feel like i could be the center of attention these other fellas are stenchin when they open up they mouths. when you feelin kinda high do not let them get you down cause they proud of your acheivements but they acting likea clown i devour any rapper that could ever wanna step to me. not disrespectfully just for your own perplexity, im next to be the best MC and thats the rest of me, people picking brains while they lookin for the recipe, so mess with me, come and step to this if you are best then g, cause i will show you that your less than me, fuckin test this because i am restless when these phony rappers acting as if they're the bestest man its all fake, i dont know how much shit i can take, inside my mind before i needa rake up the leaves that have fallen from the trees of life man im smokin on the tress so i can eaze on life, so fuckin try me, fuckit super high me, open up a beer you know open up a heini, needa keep to rappin cause i quit, fuckit man i split, just like my lip when i tripped
huh yeah, and so im smokin on the hyyydro, i know that my mind is low. some of the other people might not appreciate it intitiate it i prefer my mind faded we made it to where they said that we wouldn't now who's laughing, people fuckin up and now they gassing, but i'm ever lasting the last thing i want is this rap thing, but then at the same time i hope to be a blast be-cause it would be dope just to rock on mics. fuck on hoes and talk all night and smoke weed drink rum kinda livin like a g then ill write about it later call it liberating, fuckit liberate me, so my mind is open. rappin as if i just came out of oakland, so these rappers chockin and frozen stuck up in they own skin wishin for a rhyme that could launch them to the ocean
im feelin like a moth travelin towards the spotlight this hot light will keep you awake all night when your dreamin of the screamin from the fans who might give a fuck about you when you needa be a man, needa pick up your sack needa get up and go live life a little different than the same average joe, average hoe's act unfazed but i dont play games, now im inkin up my skin so it stays the same, somethin permanent in life call it music but i wont abuse it, ill use it to try and get a fuze lit, something bout the permanance feeling is so imperative my narrative will play and drive me crazy like a parrot is, im scared shit, of what my future may hold, i dont wanna stick around to see i am able, but with death comes love and with love comes light man im livin in the moment from the morning to the night